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08.05.2014 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update
CSGO update is now live.

The previous build has been pinned as ‘may_1’

Release Notes for 5/7/2014

- Fixed buytime ending as soon as all players join in QMM.
- Increased warmuptime when all players are connected from 30 sec to 60 sec

- Fixed the default radar scale and money position settings overlapping with the spectator UI in the most common resolutions.
- Dropdown panels now support more than 20 options.
- Fixed inventory grenades icons drawing black.
- Fixed the bottom position player counter being a bit too low and cut off.
- Fixed hud alert flickering.
- Fixed Deathmatch Bonus Panel overlapping excessively with radar in extreme cases.
- Optimized some hud options code which improves performance.
- Money position relative to radar now considers safezone.
- Fixed HUD background alpha not saving if you set cl_hud_background_alpha to 0.

- Added concommand 'rangefinder' for map makers (provides 2d and 3d distance to target).
- In Demolition games, the last weapon can be any weapon and trigger the end of round logic if enabled.

- Added Effective range and rangefinder functionality to cl_weapon_debug_print_accuracy convar.
- Fixed bad hostage icon positioning in some cases.
- In DeathMatch it now says the right name for all guns.
- In Demolition games, the next weapon panels now work for all guns.
- Optimized backend performance when when accessing CS:GO inventory on Steam Community.
02.05.2014 Gameserver Umzug
Moin Moin

da wir ja ein neu Root bekommen haben sind alle Gameserver schon umgezogen auf die neue ip . [BWD]---Classic---Maps---|AWP off|by [BWD]---Dust2---DeathMatch---|HLstatsX|by [BWD]---AWP---DeathMatch---by [BWD]Bremer Warmduscher Payload |HLstatsX

Viel Spass beim Zocken icon_mrgreen.gif icon_mrgreen.gif icon_mrgreen.gif
02.05.2014 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update
- Added the Huntsman Case.
- Added the Bank Collection to the drop list.
- Added Community Sticker Capsule One.

- The bomb inventory icon in the UI now shows an arrow when you pick it up in a addition to the sound and center screen message.
- Fixed some relative positioning of elements to the radar to work consistently with hud scaling and resolution.
- Players now have the option to adjust HUD elements. This includes:
-- Place the Player Count element at the top of the screen or bottom (cl_hud_playercount_pos).
-- Show all avatars in the Player Count element or just the player count number (cl_hud_playercount_showcount).
-- Size the Radar element (cl_hud_radar_scale).
-- Choose a color to display the main parts of the HUD (health, ammo, money, etc) (cl_hud_color).
-- Adjust the HUD background alpha for the colored elements. (cl_hud_background_alpha).
-- Select to show the bomb position under the radar or in the default inventory position (cl_hud_bomb_under_radar).
-- Display the health and ammo with or without bars/bullets (cl_hud_healthammo_style).
- Updated the look of the options menu.
- Removed the pop-up confirmation dialogue in the video options menu with tooltips.
- Added some tooltips to various options menu widgets.
- Dropdown panels now don't go away and reappear when you click on them.
- Drop panels will now hide if you click on the header when they are open.
- The health number in the health panel now supports displaying numbers greater than 100.
- Fixed the health bar not scaling properly with health greater than 100.
- When a player opens a sticker capsule on the game server it will now correctly print in chat the rarity and actual sticker found.

- UPS, M4A1-S, & CZ75a are now available in Community Arms Race and Demolition games. To use them, add them to your server's gamemodes config file.
- Increased default downloadable file size from servers to 150MB, added client launch option -maxdownloadfilesizemb N if clients needs to download even larger files from community servers.
- Added a convar weapon_reticle_knife_show, when enabled will show knife reticle on clients to be used for game modes requiring target id display when holding a knife.

- Starting the game with a different anti-virus or in different paged pool memory configuration will no longer reset all video settings.
- Fixed matchframework shutdown order during dedicated server shutdown process.

- Seaside
-- Added bomb teleport trigger, to prevent bomb getting stuck in water

- Overpass
-- Removed one-way dropdown near entrance to bombsite B, making the site easier to defend
-- Reduced volume of environment sounds
-- Removed ramp at back of truck in Bombsite A
-- Updated radar
-- Added cover in T side of canal
-- Made upper park divider wider
-- Improved visibility in park

- Inferno
-- More accurate collision model on blue truck
25.04.2014 TF2 Update
We've released a mandatory update for TF2. The notes for the update are below. The new version is 2198641.


- Fixed an issue where plugin_load may load a non-binary file type
- Fixed an issue where decompressed file sizes were not being checked by the engine
- Fixed a client crash related to Unusual items and the character loadout screen
- Fixed an item exploit where tools were being used for purposes other than the original intent
- Fixed The Shortstop not using its crit sound when firing crits
- Fixed the HUD achievement tracker not filtering map-specific achievements
- Fixed an issue where character voice lines would be clipped
- Fixed disguised Spies losing their disguised cosmetic items when they touch a supply closet
- Fixed the HUD 3D Character equipping the wrong item when Spies change their disguised weapon
- Fixed the Demoman's shield charge turn rate when using joystick input
- Joystick input now matches keyboard/mouse input
- Added new promo items
- Added ETF2L 6v6 Season 17 and ETF2L Highlander Season 5 medals
- Updated the localization files
- Updated metal hats to sound like metal when they fall off players' heads
- Updated the equip_regions for The Toss-Proof Towel, The Titanium Towel, The Tartan Shade, Marshall's Mutton Chops, Stockbroker's Scarf, The Carl, and The Polar Pullover
- Updated cp_dustbowl
- Fixed players standing in sky over the beginning of stage 1
- Fixed collision on rocks in the front of stage 1 where stickybombs could be placed inside them
- Updated cp_junction_final
- Players are now prevented from building in spawn rooms
- Updated ctf_2fort
- Fixed players standing on conduits in flag rooms
- Fixed players standing in sky over Red battlements
- Fixed a missing face under the stairs in the Blu base ramp room that let players see enemies above
- Fixed collision on props under stairs in Red's courtyard
- Updated ctf_turbine
- Fixed collision on spawn doors
- Added prop to facilitate players jumping up to raised platform and fixed surrounding collision
- Fixed collision under stairs in mid room
- Fixed misc prop collision
- Fixed collision on signs in mid room
- Fixed the clipping in the rafters of flag rooms
- Increased performance with addition of area portals
- Added decals under ammo and health packs
- Smoothed geometry in the vents
- Added nobuild around spawn doors
- Added light props over Red and Blu gate 1 doorways
- Updated koth_lakeside_event
- Updated koth_lakeside_final
- Fixed bot navigation errors
- Prevented players from building in spawn room doors
- Fixed rock piles to mirror on Red and Blu sides
- Updated pl_goldrush
- Fixed players shooting projectiles through the window in the mining tower into Red's first spawn and Blu's second spawn
- Fixed players standing in sky above Blu spawn in stage 3
- Fixed player clipping exploit above the Blu exit in stage 3

>>und nicht vergessen die BWD Server Ziehen bald um !!!!!!!<< icon_mrgreen.gif icon_mrgreen.gif icon_mrgreen.gif icon_mrgreen.gif
24.04.2014 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update


- The options menu now has a setting for specifying which command will enable the mouse on the scoreboard. The option has a few presets but any command may be set using the convar cl_scoreboard_mouse_enable_binding directly (e.g. 'cl_scoreboard_mouse_enable_binding +jump').
- Fixed uninitialized scorecard for competitive matches being visible.
- Improved lobby performance.
- Added saving of inventory sort and filter dropdowns.
- Fixed chat window scroll bars getting stuck at the top/bottom.
- Fixed scoreboard mouse input when watching gotv.

- Added a new trigger (trigger_bomb_reset) that teleports dropped bombs back to a valid in-play position. This is intended to be used in player-inaccessible areas where a dropped bomb cannot be retrieved.
- Bots no longer see through tools/toolsblock_los func_brushes (npc line-of-sight blockers).
- Bot maximum vision distance can be set per-map by "Bot max vision distance" in info_map_parameters. Default is unlimited.
- Prop doors (prop_door_rotating) that are in the process of opening or closing can be checked to see if they are "Locked" and if so, ignore player +use.

- Mirage
-- Enabled collision on arch corners (Thanks NBK!)
-- Fixed some spots where C4 could get stuck

-- Added bomb teleport trigger to prevent bomb falling out of playable area
-- Closed off dumpster in chokepoint near bombsite B
-- Improved signage
-- Fixed players being able to climb down elevator shaft

- In Official Competitive matchmaking, the initial warmup timer will now start at 5min and reduce to 30s when the last player connects.
- In Official Competitive matchmaking, if any player has not connected by the end of warmup, they will receive an abandon and the match will be aborted.
- Fixed vote accounting in cases when players disconnect while the vote is in progress.
- Fixed a bug related to purchasing armor.
- Fixed smoke grenades popping again when thrown into more than one molotov fire in a row.
- Smoke volumes are now more consistently shaped with the particles more evenly distributed. The overall shape is now round and no longer square.
- Increased minimum distance from the center of a smoke grenade volume in which a player's view will be completely obscured by smoked.
- Fixed some "micro hitches" related to picking up weapons with custom finishes and new players joining a game.
- Fixed several potential crashes.
- Fixed some Coach bugs
-- Fixed radar and overview maps for coaches not behaving like players.
-- Fixed scoreboard item status for coaches not behaving like players.
- Added support for concommand spec_player_by_name for in-game spectators.
- Improved Official Competitive matchmaking scheduler to support more than 65,535 users playing competitive matches concurrently.
- Default USP, M4A1-S, and CZ-75 Auto weapons that are on the ground will show the correct names in "swap for" message.
- Decoy grenades now work properly for the USP-S, M4A1-S, and CZ75 Auto.
- Steam accounts that have never played CS:GO can now purchase and receive CS:GO inventory items via Steam Trading. icon_mrgreen.gif
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