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28.08.2014 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update
- Added positional audio support for players using Mumble voice chat.
- Fixed case where sniper scope blur was not accurately representing full sniper weapon inaccuracy when scoped.
- Fixed a bug where in some cases a bullet didn't know it had penetrated a player hitbox if it started by penetrating another surface first and hadn't exited before "hitting" the hitbox.
- Fixed weapon damage falloff distances getting reset every time a surface was penetrated, which allowed weapons to shoot farther than they should if they penetrated an object first (like the sawedoff).
- Terminated birthday party.
- Increased Zeus price to 400.

- Fixed a regression with fov_cs_debug convar.

- Mirage
-- Removed various unintended boost-spots
-- Moved some flowers at top of mid

- Overpass
-- Updated based on feedback and observations from ESL One Cologne
--- Removed tall sandbags near Bombsite B which could be used to two-man boost onto and peek/shoot into T water
--- Added a intended boost spot in its place, where you can two-man boost. Wall near position is bangable from both sides.
--- Removed boost on green wall in playground
--- Removed position on toilet mid entrance which could be used to get an angle on toilet entrance
--- Fixed some spots where C4 could get stuck
--- Removed grass on low cover near Bombsite A which obstructed peeking
--- Changed some textures and lighting to improve visibility and reduce environment noise
--- Moved lightpost at entrance to Bombsite A to remove gap
--- Closed off hut at Bombsite A
--- Railing outside of squeaky door no longer blocks bullets or grenades

- Rush
-- Various balance tweaks, optimizations and bug fixes

- Insertion
-- Added unique sounds for each spawn
09.08.2014 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update
CSGO is now live.


Release Notes for 8/8/2014

- Updated the Challenger ESL sticker.
- Team MTS Gamegod Wolf updated their sticker.
- Enabled the Virtus.Pro (Holo) | Cologne 2014 sticker to be used for the Cologne Pick'Em Challenge.
- Spectators can now hear the caster via GOTV on official event matches and toggle a variety of options (from the scoreboard) that allows caster to control the local user spectator experience.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed players to use an sv_cheats-protected sound mixer state on non-sv_cheats game servers.
- Fixed upside-down label position on butterfly knife model.
- Fixed the string "X saved Y by killing Z" showing X as Z for spectators.
- When a camera switches between nearby players when spectating, it now interpolates (disable via game options menu).
- The spectator panel no longer goes away when the scoreboard comes up, but the player health sub panel still does.
- The HUD no longer goes away when the bomb explodes for spectators/gotv viewers.
- The scoreboard mouse cursor now comes up automatically when you are an HLTV spectator.
- Added panels to the spectator panel that will show a variety of information about current matches during official events.
05.08.2014 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update
CS:GO is now live.


Release Notes for 8/4/2014

- Added ESL One Cologne 2014 Legends Sticker Capsule
- Added ESL One Cologne 2014 Challengers Sticker Capsule

- Added the Cologne 2014 Pick'Em Challenge, available in the WATCH menu.

- Added sv_server_graphic2 that specifies a 220x45 image that is placed above the right side team.
- Renamed sv_server_graphic to sv_server_graphic1.
- Fixed classic static crosshair (cl_crosshairstyle 4) not being totally static.
02.08.2014 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update
- Added cl_crosshairgap_useweaponvalue convar (0 or 1) that defines whether the crosshair gap changes with the equipped weapon (defaults to off, works with style 4 and 5)
- Flagged smoke grenade particles to face player camera position instead of camera direction.
- Non-local player positions are now networked with full precision. This prevents small discrepancies in player bounding volume motion between clients and servers under certain circumstances.
- Fixed a rare case when a previously existing inventory item was displayed after unlocking a weapon case or fulfilling a trade up contract.
- Fixed visibility exploit around pipe at mid.
- More translation fixes.
- Fixed multiple one-way wallbanging issues.
- Made catwalks wallbangable.
- Fixed issue where grenades would get stuck on thin wall panels.
- Smoothed movement around generator for less abrupt movement restriction.
- Improved readability around Quad.
- Further improved readability at Heaven.
- Improved clipping, removed possibility to boost at various locations (where it was not intended)
- Added clip in windows
- Deleted bad DM-spawn (in Underpass)
- Players should now properly die when jumping from the Sniper tower
- Increased the width of B-site door coming from ShortStairs
- Made skill-jump at Catwalk easier (still hard)
- Removed pipes sticking up at Side (looked like a player head from a far)
- Added possibility to jump from blue container at Stairs (avoid peeking CT from Outside when rushing Underpass)
- Removed strong light at Stairs to make peeking to Outside less dangerous
- Changed red-navigation decals to orange (easier to see)
- Raised generator at CT-side Catwalk to allow easier movement when jumping down from middle
- Removed railing/yellow poles at Front (allowing easier movement for T at the start of each round)
- Slight optimization of items in the skybox
- Updated hints around T-spawn/Front
- Very careful removal of items in the player area
- Removed unusable doors (that was placed around the level)
- Removed barrel under Backway stairs (there is no way anyone could have placed it there)
- Updated text on the Restricted sign (German and Finnish – Finnish soldiers are now greeted welcome)
- Removed col from fence at Sniper tower
- Lowered the sound intensity for rumbling rain at B-site
- Changed terrorist faction to Phoenix
31.07.2014 TF2 Update
:Added a new startup music track from Expiration Date
Fixed projectiles causing teleporter exits to detonate
Fixed the Huntsman not firing after being charged in the air and landing on the ground while using cl_autoreload
Fixed teammates blocking the removal of sappers when using the Homewrecker, Maul, and Neon Annihilator
Fixed a bug with the Gloves of Running Urgently that increased the marked for death time to 5 seconds instead of 3
Fixed a bug related to orphaned marked for death particles
Updated the target ID to be hidden while taunting
Updated the Bolt Boy to have two styles like the Bonk Boy
Updated the equip_regions for the Bonk Boy and the Bolt Boy
Updated the materials for the Boo Balloon
Updated pl_cactuscanyon
Added stage 3
Limited Red flanking route near cliff to Blu spawn in stage 1
Added health and ammo inside underpass by Blu spawn in stage 1
Adjusted spawn times in stage 2
Adjusted health and ammo packs

Updated rd_asteroid
Mode changes
Updated HUD layout
Fixed a bug that would prevent players from picking up the reactor core
Teams will now spawn 70% faster if their C robots are dead
Map changes
Fixed unbalanced ammo kits in Blu base near the vault
Added flashing light in the vault that will activate when a player is stealing points
Added larger one way glass windows to spawn exit doors
Added small ammo pack to top of the stairs at the cave exit
Shortened length of pipes in vents that require players to crouch
Increased track length for A robots. This is to provide more angles of attack.
Extended flat area near left spawn exit for Engineers to build teleporters
Lowered the health for the A robots from 500 to 300
Fixed a bug where the power supply would not disable the flashing alarms when it was captured
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